Analyse volumes of customer feedback

Textalysis analyses your customer feedback, to provide you a sense of voice of the customer and let you act on it.

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Why Textalysis?

  • Linguistic analysis on all kinds of data in your organization - social media, files etc.
  • Escalation of important feedback
  • Easily customizable for your domain or organization needs
  • Understands phrases, not just words
  • No prior bootstraping necessary - just sign up and get started
  • High Accuracy NLP (Natural Language Processing)
  • Integrates with your internal systems effortlessly
  • Web Service interface

API Explorer

Real-time API (single text comment)

# Field Type Description
1. comment string The comment text supplied to API
2. score float Sentiment strength of the comment - higher value may indicate greater importance of the comment
3. neg_per float Indicates percentage of negative sentiment in comment
4. pos_per float Indicates percentage of positive sentiment in comment
5. created_at timestamp Date and time when comment was submitted to server

Asynchronous API (batch mode)

Not available in API Explorer. Please contact us for a key to try it.

The file is uploaded with one API call and the results are available asynchronously with another API call. There is no push mechanism provided, so there is a necessity to poll the GET API to retrieve the results.

Upload file (newline separated)

curl -F 'file_key=<api_key>' -F 'comments=@<file_name>' http://textalysis.io/app/dataproc

View result

curl http://textalysis.io/app/dataproc/<file_key>.json

# Field Type Description
1. file_key string API key is unique to your licence and provided by us on signing up
2. file_name string Name of file to upload (newline separated file - one line per comment)